Is rich dollaz dating diamond strawberry

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Rich Dollaz Confides in Cisco Of All People for Advice on How to. If there was one consistent storyline that really brought many viewers back every week, it was the love triangle among Peter Gunz, Amina Buddafly and Tara Wallace. Mar 10, 2015. After having two women, Jhonni Blaze and Diamond Strawberry, fht. that Dollaz has been dating Diamond, which has led to some insane.

Diamond strawberry Hip Hop Vibe Instead, she just responded to Rich’s niceness by latching on to him because she was vulnerable. Dating Diamond Strawberry, Cisco had his eye on Cyn Santana, who was working. During season five of “Love & Hip Hop,” Peter Gunz, Rich Dollaz, Cisco.

Is dating 'Love & Hip Hop' star Rich Dollaz one of his 'management. When Nina brings up that time in episode 13 when Diamond told everyone in the club that Rich was her man, all Diamond can say to that was she “was trippin’.” What made this part even more interesting is the fact that the spotlht quickly shifts from Diamond’s craziness to Rich’s sleaziness by getting with Cisco’s old girl. Mar 28, 2015. The convoluted love life and business dealings of Rich Dollaz. woos his buddy producer Cisco Rosado's ex girlfriend, Diamond Strawberry.

THE G-LIST INTERVIEW LHHNY's Diamond Strawberry Spills T On. She tells Cisco that he should have never hooked up with Diamond if he wasn’t ready and refrain from being mad at Rich for jumping in because, as she said, “Karma is a motherf—er.” Although Lisa isn’t happy about Diamond’s decision to move to the B Apple, she said she supports her daughter no matter what happens. Apr 6, 2015. If you thought that Strawberry dating Rich Dollaz was jeopardizing. veterans and co-stars Rich Dollaz and Cisco, Strawberry mulls over my.

Love & Hip Hop 8 WTF Moments From Season 5, Reunion Special. According to Diamond, seeking a relationship with Rich wasn’t payback for what Cisco did. Apr 7, 2015. we heard Rich Dollaz downplay his relationships with Jhonni Blaze and Diamond Strawberry; Cyn Santana revealed her new love; and Erica.

Rashidah Ali Tells Cisco Rosada That Rich Dollaz Is Dating His Ex. If you saw last week’s initial reunion, you know the arguments, accusations and Erica Mena‘s low-blow comments were just the icing on the reality TV show cake. Last week’s episode ended with the speculation that Rich Dollaz and Diamond Strawberry had sex in the bathroom of a restaurant in episode 12. Mar 10, 2015. Love & Hip Hop Season 5 star Rich Dollaz totally broke the guy code when he “knocked off” Diamond Strawberry on Episode 12 “Mind Your.

LHNNY's Diamond Strawberry Spills T On Cisco/Rich Dollaz Love. Jhonni attempts to lunge at her and has to be taken away by security before she starts throwing punches at not only Diamond but also Lisa. Apr 6, 2015. What seemed like Diamond dating close buddies Cisco and Rich Dollaz, she reveals how Cisco always had hatred towards Rich until the.

Interview Diamond Strawberry puts Cisco on blast and talks Rich. Jhonni is apparently still very angry at Rich over his antics and his back and forth between herself and Diamond. Apr 10, 2015. Interview Diamond Strawberry puts Cisco on blast and talks Rich. Interview Moniece confirms she is dating Rich Dollaz and goes in at.

Strawberry Diamond Enamel 18k Necklace Host Nina Parker asked Cisco’s opinion of the bathroom moment, to which he expressed that he felt Rich was in the wrong and expected more form him. Rich Dollaz has engaged in some serious. well aware Richie D is now dating reality newbie Diamond Strawberry. Fashion & All.

<em>Rich</em> <em>Dollaz</em> Confides in Cisco Of All People for Advice on How to.
<b>Diamond</b> <b>strawberry</b> Hip Hop Vibe
Is <strong>dating</strong> 'Love & Hip Hop' star <strong>Rich</strong> <strong>Dollaz</strong> one of his 'management.
THE G-LIST INTERVIEW LHHNY's <i>Diamond</i> <i>Strawberry</i> Spills T On.
Love & Hip Hop 8 WTF Moments From Season 5, Reunion Special.

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