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Daniel J. Glassman, "It's Not a Lie if You Believe it" Tax Shelters and. So, he has Newman, who drives by there on his postal route, buy the calzones, for a steep price. INTRODUCTION In an episode of Seinfeld, Jerry was confronted with the. taking a polygraph test after denying, to a woman police-officer whom he was dating. wealthy individual taxpayers should not have the ability to use “loopholes” in.

Favourite Seinfeld quotes George doesn't get "credit" for his tip at the calzone shop. Here is an assortment of quotes from the show Seinfeld which I still can't get. Elaine and George, who doesn't want any company on his date, in "The Visa". back here and find out there was some little loophole, like I didn't put mustard on it.

Seinfeld Scripts - The Calzone Some very funny parts, but not enough to get into the Top 25. "The Calzone" (April 25, 1996) SUMMARY George becomes Steinb's pet when he shares an eggplant calzone with him. Jerry I got a date with Nikki. Kramer Oh yeah she's a beauty. Jerry She's also quite bold. Kramer Oh bold and beautiful. George and Mr. Steinb at.

Daniel J. Glassman,
Favourite <b>Seinfeld</b> quotes
<b>Seinfeld</b> Scripts - The Calzone
<i>Seinfeld</i> The Calzone Episode 130 Recap Podcast.
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